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Learn how our coconuts are sourced

From the lush landscapes of Sri Lanka to your home, delve into the journey of our coconuts. Meet the dedicated farmers and uncover the meticulous process that ensures only the finest coconuts reach you.


Locally Sourced.
From the Heart of Sri Lanka

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CocoLife collaborates with numerous farms across Sri Lanka, ensuring we source only the finest coconuts for our products. In Sri Lanka, coconuts are more than just a crop; they're a testament to the island's rich agricultural heritage. Often referred to as the 'Pearl of the Indian Ocean', Sri Lanka boasts an impressive 1.5 million acres dedicated to coconut cultivation. These coconut groves, bathed in tropical sunshine and nourished by monsoon rains, are a testament to the island's perfect coconut-growing conditions. It's this unique environment that makes Sri Lankan coconuts distinct and allows CocoLife to bring you unparalleled quality.

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Meet the heros that make it all happen

Every CocoLife product owes its excellence to our dedicated farmers in Sri Lanka. Their expertise, passed down through generations, ensures the finest coconuts are harvested. They’re not just farmers; they’re the backbone of CocoLife, blending tradition with passion to bring you unparalleled quality.

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From the farm to your home

Journey to Sri Lanka’s illustrious coconut triangle, where nature’s finest are nurtured. Hand-selected by our esteemed partners, these coconuts travel from verdant groves to our state-of-the-art facility in Pannala, Kurunegala District. It’s a voyage of dedication, ensuring that what reaches your home is pure, fresh, and of the highest caliber.

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Harvesting Coconuts

Our skilled laborers employ a blend of traditional methods and modern equipment to harvest mature coconuts. By adhering to proper harvesting techniques, we ensure that each coconut meets our high standards for quality.

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Goodness ready for you to enjoy

Step into the world of CocoLife, where the essence of Sri Lankan coconuts is captured in every product. Meticulously crafted and infused with nature’s goodness, our range is more than just food—it’s a journey of taste and wellness, waiting to be explored and enjoyed.