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Got questions about Cocolife and our coconut-based products? Dive into our frequently asked questions to find answers and learn more about what we offer.

What is CocoLife by Hayleys?

CocoLife by Hayleys offers organic coconut products made from Sri Lanka’s finest coconuts, committed to excellence, authenticity, and ethical practices.

CocoLife includes coconut milk, virgin coconut oil, desiccated coconut, coconut water, coconut milk powder, and more, known for their delicious coconut flavor.

Yes, CocoLife products are indeed organic, sourced exclusively from Sri Lanka’s finest coconuts. Our commitment to organic farming practices guarantees that our products are entirely free from synthetic pesticides and harmful chemicals. Furthermore, we place a high priority on traceability within our production process.

The production methods for each of our products are clearly outlined on their respective packaging to provide you with precise information. All our products undergo processing in a state-of-the-art factory, adhering to stringent quality standards.

Yes, CocoLife products are certified by organizations ensuring quality, authenticity, and ethical practices. Current certifications include organic, kosher, and halal.

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Yes, CocoLife products are suitable for vegans, gluten-free, and free from animal-derived ingredients, making them versatile for various dietary preferences.

Yes, CocoLife products are versatile and can be used for cooking and personal care, such as moisturizing skin and nourishing hair.

CocoLife distinguishes itself through ethical production, sustainability, and using pristine water sources. It benefits from Hayleys Agriculture’s expertise.

Yes, CocoLife maintains strict quality control measures, including certified processes, traceability, regulatory compliance, laboratory testing, sensory evaluation, packaging integrity, and continuous improvement to ensure product excellence and safety.

CocoLife’s advanced manufacturing facility is strategically situated in Sri Lanka’s coconut triangle, renowned for producing top-quality coconuts.

Yes, CocoLife offers private label and white label options for businesses. This allows customization and branding of products while CocoLife provides the product itself. For details, please contact CocoLife directly to discuss possibilities for private label or white label arrangements.

Questions about our Products

Currently not available; updates will be provided when products are accessible.

Yes, we proudly offer international shipping with highly competitive prices that encompass freight costs, ensuring worldwide access to Sri Lanka’s finest organic coconut products. To provide you with a better understanding of our capacity to offer such competitive freight rates, it’s worth noting that we are part of Hayleys, which is not only renowned but also the largest vessel fleet owner and operator in Sri Lanka. This affiliation empowers us to extend attractive pricing that encompasses all aspects, including freight costs, ensuring that our customers around the world can enjoy the pure essence of our organic coconut products conveniently and affordably.

Yes, we offer bulk quantities with specialized packaging for HORECA and food service customers, as well as those in the ingredients industry, ensuring easy access and maintaining high quality.

Questions about CocoLife

Yes, CocoLife is part of the Hayleys Group and benefits from Hayleys Agriculture’s expertise and commitment to excellence and ethical practices.

The inspiration behind CocoLife was to offer premium coconut products with a strong commitment to ethics and sustainability, showcasing Sri Lanka’s pure organic coconuts. It’s driven by a desire to support wellness, the planet, and ethical practices.

Yes, we collaborate with a certified outgrower network of local farmers and cooperatives to ensure sustainable, high-quality coconut sourcing.

CocoLife contributes to sustainable farming through regenerative agriculture, certified processes, ethical sourcing, clean water usage, and eco-friendly packaging, promoting long-term sustainability and community well-being.

CocoLife’s commitment to local farmers goes beyond business. We support the farming community in multiple ways:

Fair Compensation: Through partnerships with certified outgrower networks and cooperatives, we ensure that local farmers receive fair payment for their coconut harvests, enhancing the economic stability of the community.

Skill Enhancement: We offer training and knowledge-sharing opportunities, empowering farmers to improve their techniques, crop quality, and overall productivity, ultimately enhancing their livelihoods.

Sustainable Farming: CocoLife promotes sustainable and organic farming practices, fostering environmental stewardship and ensuring the long-term viability of coconut farming.

Community Growth: Our commitment extends to community development, including investments in infrastructure, healthcare, education, and essential services, benefiting the entire area.

Empowerment: We provide resources, knowledge, and market opportunities, empowering farmers to thrive in coconut-related enterprises. This empowerment instills self-sufficiency and pride within the farming community.

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